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WiFi & Security Services

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We offer wireless access services using state of the art Wi-Fi technology. Wi-Fi provides innovative ways to enable communications and service delivery seamlessly with reliability, scalability and security as is provided in wire network.

The benefits of Wi-Fi network are as below:

  • No need to lay wires
  • Simplifies network operation
  • Faster deployment than traditional wire network
  • Reduces costs and hassles of deployment
  • All the performance, reliability, scalability and security of a wire network, with the freedom and flexibility of wireless
  • Reduces administrative efforts.


We offer Wi-Fi infrastructure at:

  • Home / Office  WiFi
  • Campus  / Society WiFi
  • Wireless Mobility

We offer a wireless network that enables mobility on an unparalleled scale  to enhance productivity levels of an organization.

By providing a unified wireless infrastructure, we creates a platform for various applications and services that increase efficiency, productivity of personnel while reducing cost, complexity and operational demands.

  • Security & Surveillance:

Our wireless network supports multiple SSIDs utilizing the same RF equipment. IP surveillance is supported on its own network and is independent of other services offered. Products such as wireless IP cameras provide security and surveillance data to onsite personnel as well as for remote monitoring.

Kindly contact us for further details.

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